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Here's my last arrangement

Here is a video of the last arrangement I made on Monday.  I used all the roses and colourful flowers I had picked in this one. 

The first thing you might notice is that I use a leaf in the vase to hide the stems. This is a sort of leaf that does not easily break down in water, so is perfect for this kind of work.

If I was making a hand posy, where all the stems are neat and tidy because they are all radiating from a single point where they are tied, it could be a different thing.  The stems of the flowers i was using were all over the place which is not so attractive.  Also the colour in the leaf tied the whole arrangement together.

I hope you have enjoyed these videos.  I am afraid the static phone camera is not as good for these larger arrangements as the first one.  Maybe i should have picked it up and shown you more of what I was doing. I promise to do better next time!


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