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More fiddling with flowers

Hi Community, here we are again.

I am so lucky in my house at the moment as every room has fresh flowers! It actually feels like something special, when nasty reality is anything but.

Here is today's blog post with a few more short high quality videos of me at my kitchen bench!


This little arrangement is made with the chrysanthemum side shoot and a range of cut and pressed glass vases and drinking glasses, and one old Joe's of Korumburra soft drink bottle; which according to the bottle still belongs to them. The picture is almost self explanatory, however I will post a short video of it happening. I did a similar thing with left over roses and alstroemeria and silver plate vessels.  Again a picture should be all you need to recreate it with your flowers and containers at your place. I'll post it at the end of this blog.

My next arrangement is an all green bowl. Flowers in my garden are in short supply at this time of year.  I grow lots of that green succulent - Aeonium arboreum - which is great as a flower replacement. If you don't have any or would prefer, this kind of thing is also great with the bigger flowered chrysanthemums or dahlias.  One of my kids has lotus growing on her dam, those huge pink flowers would look fabulous in something like this. The greenery could then be lotus pods and leaves.

This next video is not very exciting - but then again slow television was quite popular on SBS not so long ago.  I edited out all the really boring bits - and I bet you can't even tell!!

And here are my roses in silver. Again inexpensive opp shop purchases (all two dollars or less).  The silver trumpet has a big crack and leaks, but I line it with a sandwich bag and it is all good.  The tiny little 'vase' with the alstroemeria  is a potpourri container with a mesh lid, perfect for holding short blooms in place.  I have shown this group in a row, so you can see all the parts, but I really think it works best as a cluster. See what you think.


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