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flower power

I was going to run a flower arranging demonstration at the Inverloch Community House where i work on Fridays doing the communications and publicity. Unfortunately the corona virus shut down meant that we could not go ahead. This announcement came about an hour after I had picked and conditioned all the flowers and greenery i was going to use in the demonstration. As I had all the items on hand, it seemed like an opportunity to do the demo at home and take photos.  Here they are.

When i went out into the garden to pick my supplies it was a blustery, showery day.  My garden has a large number of roses growing in it, but by late March many of them have stopped flowering or just have a few blooms. Rain and wind are the enemy of the old fashioned type of flowers I prefer to grow, but I do have two 'Just Joey' hybrid tea standards and one red hybrid tea that I grow for picking as it has few thorns.  I have forgotten what it is called.

I had a few late alstroemeria flowers on one of my plants and lots of green stuff in various parts of the garden.  I decided to supplement this with a bunch of simple white chrysanthemums from Aldi. I wanted a bunch of a single type of flower and white always looks good in the home. 

Anyway, this is what i ended up with.

For the first arrangement in the demonstration I decided to use the chrysanthemums and some Pittosporum 'siliver sheen' and white Salvia leucantha.

Here is a video of how that arrangement went. I used a white jug that I bought at the op shop a few weeks ago for $4.

And here is the finished result. In the next video I will show you what I did with the left over chrysanthemum flowers.


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