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Here's my last arrangement

Here is a video of the last arrangement I made on Monday.  I used all the roses and colourful flowers I had picked in this one.  The first thing you might notice is that I use a leaf in the vase to hide the stems. This is a sort of leaf that does not easily break down in water, so is perfect for this kind of work.If I was making a hand posy, where all the stems are neat and tidy because they are all radiating from a single point where they are tied, it could be a different thing. ...

March 26, 2020

More fiddling with flowers

Hi Community, here we are again. I am so lucky in my house at the moment as every room has fresh flowers! It actually feels like something special, when nasty reality is anything but. Here is today's blog post with a few more short high quality videos of me at my kitchen bench!cheers! ...

March 25, 2020

flower power

I was going to run a flower arranging demonstration at the Inverloch Community House where i work on Fridays doing the communications and publicity. Unfortunately the corona virus shut down meant that we could not go ahead. This announcement came about an hour after I had picked and conditioned all the flowers and greenery i was going to use in the demonstration. As I had all the items on hand, it seemed like an opportunity to do the demo at home and take photos.  Here they are. When i went...

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