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Self-Publish Your Book with Terramirra Press

Terramirra Press is a self-publishing support service that helps you realise your goal of seeing your book or magazine in print.
We specialise in non-fiction publications and have helped authors, institutions and groups. Just because a publication is factual and informative doesn't mean it can't look visually appealing! Setting out your information in a way that enhances readability and uses images to support text gives you the best chance of engaging your readership. We have the design skills to realise your vision, whatever your topic might be.

Why self-publish?

When you publish with Terramirra Press

  • You retain all the rights to your book
  • You completely control the book design
  • You can publish quickly
  • You can have a paperback or hardback with e-book availability
  • e-books can be fixed page or flowable text
  • You can target your market
  • You keep all the income from book sales
We can tailor a package to suit your requirements so contact us now for your publishing needs.

    Featured publications

    Our gallery contains a selection of our latest work. We work with printers in number of countries, as well as local printers that provide high quality colour reproduction and range of bindings and covers.
    Magazines can be one off or a regular publication.
    We can also design publication templates for you to edit in Microsoft office programs or Adobe.
    Whatever your needs Terramirra Press can find a publishing solution for you.
    Our gallery can be found here

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